Two of My Blogs at the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards

In a few hours, the awarding ceremonies of the biggest blogging event this year will take place: The 2008 Philippine Blog Awards.

I'm pleased to share that two of my other blogs have reached the final list in their respective categories: Big Lakers Fan for the Best Blog for Sports Category and Screensucked for the Best Blog for Entertainment Category. While I believe in the effort I put in for my blogs, I think only have a longshot of winning since the list of finalists are a virtual who's who of great bloggers.

So, I'd like to allot a little space for my two blogs that made the finals:
  1. Big Lakers Fan - This is probably the easiest blog I maintain because I always talk about my favorite basketball team-- the Los Angeles Lakers. Like any sports fan, I want to curse at the world whenver my team loses and rejoice when they win, so I figured creating a blog about them would be the natural thing to do. This blog is also my blog that got the notice of the global crowd when I got published at last June, ironically about a post on the Lakers' loss to the Boston Celtics in the 2008 NBA Finals.
  2. Screensucked - This blog has an interesting history. Almost three years ago, I wanted to make a blog about, well, nothing-- just rants, links I found interesting and travel posts. But I soon realized that I got bored with those things because I found those things too limited, i.e., I rarely had a strong negative opinion about something, I didn't have the time to look for "cool new sites" and I didn't travel much. Thus, I put the blog on the shelf for a few months (Look at the blog's archive).

    But I dusted the blog off after I realized I was watching movies with my girlfriend two to three times a week (thats's our "thing") and I seem to have something to say about the things that we watched. So, Screensucked was "reborn."
These two blogs may or may not end up winning the Best Blog plum, but I sure am glad they got recognized. :)


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