An AIM Ghost Story

It's that time of the year when those not in the living realm receive our collective attention. Yep, the three day stretch of October 31, November 1 and November 2 are celebrated as Halloween, All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day respectively. (Halloween is not an official holiday in the government nor a recognized special day in the Roman Catholic church.)

It's only fitting to feature the most popular ghost story about the Asian Institute of Management:
A Professor died of a heart attack a few years ago in one of lecture rooms on the third floor of the main building. There are voices; shadows and cold spots can be felt in that specific room where the professor died. His car remains in the faculty parking area even until now.
There are several websites and blogs that have featured this story (here's an example) and I'm not quite sure where this story originated or when it started.

If we look at the facts, "one of the lecture rooms on the third floor" could mean several rooms (the third floor has the most number of lecture rooms, including the degree and non-degree programs). But I wouldn't be surprised if happened in the SGV Caseroom in the third floor where MBA classes are held-- professors would get a heart attack if they saw finance exam scores like mine. :P

Seriously, this is interesting if you ask me. I'll ask around and investigate if this is a legit ghost story or just a hoax. Wish me luck.


JM Millan. MBA '06 said…
Or he could've gotten a heart attach clibing those damn steps to the SGV caseroom. Those things were a pain to traverse on 2 hours of sleep.
Anonymous said…
never heard that one and i've been with aim for a long time. i've heard others, though. but i won't tell you. nyahaha.

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