Diwali 2008

Diwali came a little early here at the Asian Institute of Management as the AIM Student Association (AIM SA) organized a variety show to celebrate the Indian festival of lights.

The show opened strong with a nice musical and dance history of Bollywood, then proceeded with Hindi and Tamil song numbers from students from the various MBA cohorts. There was also a nice dance number from our exchange students, dancing a nice Indian dance. In between numbers, there were also fashion shows from the MBA Cohort 3 folks. The best number of the evening came from the Punjabi dancers who got everyone to dance Punjabi style! But the evening's show stopper was our very own Sanvij Balakrishnan, who did a mighty good Michael Jackson impression, with Moonwalk and all. :)

This is my second Diwali celebration here in AIM. And like last year's celebration, the evening was a great night of talent, delicious Indian cuisine, dance and free flowing drinks. Happy Diwali to everyone! :D


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