A Look at the Candidates

Elections for the Asian Institute of Management Student Association is today and here's a little recap of the candidates:

Laurice Alaan believes she is the right person for the job of AIM SA Chairperson because of her ability to communicate to various levels of stakeholders in AIM. She says she has demonstrated that she can cross boundaries between different programs and students. She intends to energize the student body with programs aligned with her "Unity Amidst Diversity" theme. Laurice is striving to be the AIM SA's first female chair.
Siddhart Jain of MBA 2009 wants placement to take top priority in the AIM SA's list. He thinks clubs and facilities need to be revitalized if is elected as AIM SA Chairperson.
For Kshitij Simri, he echoes the concern that placement for the students is the biggest issue the student body is facing. Once elected AIM SA Chair, he also plans to initiate more alumni-related outreach projects.
Kenneth Lao brings a vision of bringing a voice to the students once he is elected as AIM SA Vice-Chairperson. He believes that getting everyone involved is a priority and is a firm believer of delegating of tasks to different committees.
Nirav Shah is the lone candidate for the Overseas Students' President. His platform revolves around improving the facilities to serve the students better, such as the gym, library and dormitory.

I wasn't able to take a picture of Vice-Chairperson candidate Rohan Khera, but I did get from his speech that he wants everyone in AIM to "connect"-- from the students, the alumni and the insdustry.

During the annual Miting De Avance (pre-election forum), I posed the question to all candidates about the AIM SA's role in student discipline and everyone was in agreement that the incidents that can be contained on the class level be treated there and fairness was the priority.

So, I invite the AIM student body to vote today and make a difference in your school.


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