New AIM Student Association Officers

Last week, the elections for the new Asian Institute of Management Student Association (AIM SA) officers were held and now, we have a new set of students to lead the student body. An induction ceremony was hosted by the Student Services, Admissions & Registration (SSAR) department of the institute.

Here's the new set of officers for the AIM SA and different classes:

AIM Student Association
Chairman:  Mr. Kshitij Dimri

Vice-Chairman:  Mr. Rohan Khera
Student Association Overseas President:  Mr. Nirav Shah

MM 2009
President: Dennis Bumanglag
Treasurer: Czarinah Bergantin
Secretariat: Bhavik Doshi    
Placement: Carlos Laurel, Gaurav Mehta

MDM 2009
President: Albert Masuda
Representatives :  Kitty Arambulo, Noellie Garand, Girard Marin      

MBA (Cohort 2)  
President: Franco Ongkingco
VP Internal: Siddhartha Banerjee
VP External: Dindo Ofrecio
Secretary: Bhavisha Dave
Treasurer: Bharati Rajaraman

MBA (Cohort 3)
Section A:      
President: Katherine Tan
Vice-President: Pavaanjeet Singh
Secretary: Paolo Henson
Treasurer: Clarence Lim    

Section B:
President: Ryan Gudani
Vice-President: Dr. Vinod Seetharaman
Secretary: Sandeep Kaul
Treasurer: Sheila Abalajen

Congratulations and all the best!


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