New Asian Institute of Management Website

The school recently launched its revitalized website and it hopes to cater to the new demands of what a website should be. The design is much more vibrant and fresh, plus the the way information is presented is more appropriate for the target audience.

I was able to lend a hand in doing some user research for the site, as well as doing the organization of information. So, if think there's something amiss, you can chime in this blog. :)


1) The website is accessible as but NOT as This could be sorted.

2) I like how the picture gallery functions, however - the pictures can do without the blue borders. Also perhaps the pictures which pop-up could be slightly smaller so that they can be viewed without scrolling.

3) Overall it looks good.. small things here and there need to be ironed out and i'm sure it will be perfect after that.

Good job!
John Wes Bayot, MBA said…
Love the new design --- something new, at least (after all these years!)

BUT, its quite embarassing though that some necessary spell checking was missed out. Tsk-tsk...we all need to do better on this score.

Otherwise, I think the new site is lovelier than the old one. :-)
rajdeep said…
The page that has the student profile..
does it show the current batch breakup?

I think the data is very unprofessional. I mean it can be sorted out by age, by nationality, by industry etc. to give a clearer view to the target, some pie charts etc shud help.

Also the recruitment page could be tweaked up a bit. I am part of the current MBA batch and we already have a small group of students who are looking at promotions and placements unofficially, I think u cud drop me a mail and get us involved.
Thanks for the feedback guys.

The new website is a start, and the thing about the site is that the content management is now decentralized, so if there are errors, better notify the respective department.
lightbearer said…
A lot of the freshly updated AIM website was contributed by the expertise of Regnard Raquedan. Most especially, since he is part of the intended audience for the site -- students. And we couldn't thank him enough for it.

Super thank you Regnard!

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