Time Flies

"Wake me up when September ends..." - Green Day

I just realized that we are already in the third week of the fourth term and a good two months till the end of classes. It's weird because people say time flies when you're having fun, but in my case, days in school are passing me by in a rather uneventful way.

Hey, I'm not saying my classes are easy. Here's my load this term:
  • Understanding Consumer Behavior (UCB) - Prof. Roger Chua
  • Business Intelligence (BI) -  Prof. Roger Chua
  • Brand Equity Management (BEM) - Prof. Jose Miranda
  • Social Entrepreneurship (SE) - Prof. Marie Lisa Dacanay 
  • Entrepreneurial Finance (EF) - Prof. Richard Cruz
  • Strategic Negotiation and Conflict Management (SNCM) - Prof. Nieves Confesor (My current favorite subject of the term so far)

Even with a load of six electives this term, I'm tip-toeing between ennui and being busy with things like my MRR (which as been moving like molasses the past couple of weeks). I even dropped an initiative lately, in attempt to prioritize my activities, but it has been like clearing my schedule for one big push on my MRR. I think it's similar to how you would pull the strips of a slingshot farther to get more power, but instead of letting them go to shoot your projectile, you just keep pulling and pulling.

Let's see how I'll let my projectile fly... or let time fly. :P


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