Conflicting Schedules

While I've been utterly busy with my MRR lately, I realized a few days ago that finishing the MRR is not the final step to graduating with my MBA degree from the Asian Institute of Management and I may not be able to do that final step in time. That final step is the MRR defense.

I was coordinating with my MRR advisers late last week and I discovered that my advisers do not have common time together until December 7. The deadline for the MRR defenses? December 5. Ugh*! (For the MRR, MBA students are required to have two mentors and they have to be together when you defend your thesis.)

The secretaries are trying to arrange a schedule with an earlier date where one of my mentors will be attending my defense via a teleconference. I'm not sure if this ever was done before, but the prospects of not marching during the graduation rites is already adding a great deal of stress from the accomplishing the MRR.

I talked to Prof. Larry Tan in the morning to share my plight about the scheduling conflicts and he said that a lot of MBA students in the past faced similar hurdles. He said the only solution for that is to finish the MRR earlier. Ugh!


Good news! The deadline for the Brat Pack promo has been moved to tomorrow. :)


We had our last sessions for Understanding Consumer Behavior (UCB) and Business Intelligence (BI) earlier. It was an understated conclusion for two of my electives under Prof. Roger Chua, but a nice wrap-up nonetheless. My remaining subjects this term: Brand Equity Management (BEM) and Entrepreneurial Finance (EF). Both of them finish this Thursday.

*Ugh! = the sound of a punch in the gut.


Jack said…
cool pic man...
NIce blog...
can you explain MBA in Consulting?
Anonymous said…
Sucks to be you..

Thanks a lot pal.

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