Crunch Time

It's that time of the year for MBA seniors at the Asian Institute of Management: hot coffee is your drink of choice, you wear your jacket or sweater for the chilly air in the library, and the atmosphere of busyness.

It sounds like Christmas, but it's really the MRR season coming to its peak.

Everyone in our class seems to be in any of these scenarios: There are folks who are finished with their defense (good for you!), there are those who are almost finished and there are just some who are back from scratch after a massive revision order from their advisers (oh the agony!). We may all be in different situations right now, but we all want to be marching to the stage and getting our MBA diplomas when graduation day comes.

So, this is really no time to be lackadaisical, unless you want to have an unwanted extended stay in school. That's why I've been spending a lot of time on my MRR as of late.

One final thought: I've been avoiding to log in to Yahoo Messenger because one of my classmates who is my contact list, Liberto Siahaan from Indonesia, has a countdown of the MRR deadline as his status message. As if I needed the extra pressure. :P


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