Digging the Digital Archives

Have you ever seen past photos of yourself and you went "What the heck was I thinking/wearing/doing?" Well, it happened to me a while ago when I was reviewing the archives of my other blog.

Almost two years ago (January 2007), I was interviewed in a radio progam called Executive Musings where I was invited to talk about internet and politics, or virtual politics (of all the topics!). After listening to myself for the first 10 minutes, I was practically cringing. I was obviously getting a bad case of the nerves at the beginning, where I was stuttering and making unnecessary pauses. Argh! But after a few more minutes, I listened to myself and I felt I made more sense-- maybe I got more comfortable and the radio program went on (plus the 80's classic "Together in Electric Dreams" by Phil Oakley was played, who would't feel more loose after that?)

In retrospect, I thought I turned out to be prophetic. In the show, I talked about how blogs and Web 2.0 would be the way candidates would be campaigning and winning elections. Earlier this month, Barack Obama won the U.S. presidential race and he used a lot of Web 2.0 stuff-- Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Digg, Twitter.

If you want to hear that episode of Executive Musings where I was the guest, go to its episode archive, then look for the streaming episode dated "1.21.2007" entitled "Virtual Politics."


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