A Dirty Little Secret

These days in our classes, more and more people are bringing their laptops to class. But people are not taking not taking notes, browsing the internet for references nor instant messaging. No they are not.

People are actually doing their MRR while in class!

A good number of people are trying to make time for their final requirements as we are heading our final week of classes.

I'm now wondering how the previous batches of MBA's at the Asian Institute of Management were able to pull their MRR's off?


I also just realized that in the future, people who will visit this blog will be wondering what the heck an MRR is. Starting with the cohort after us, the choice is now taking an internship (Action Consultancy or AC) or doing the MRR. If asked to choose between the two, I would choose the AC any time of day.


I did some research for the AIM Ghost Story I posted a couple of weeks back and so far, no one has been able to verify the truth of the story. I asked people who have been here for 12-15 years and none of them can recall if such an event happened.

As of now, the ghost story is still filed under the "urban legend" folder as this story might have happened way, way before the people I asked were here. This kinda makes sense because the school is 40 years old.


John Wes said…
I'm not entirely certain if your classmates will be too happy to read this blog entry. Hahaha!

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