The Last Week of Classes

This is Week 10 of the fourth and final term of the first 16-month MBA class of the Asian Institute of Management. Man, time really flies.

Today, I only had two classes of Brand Equity & Management under Prof. Joe Miranda where we closed the subject out with a couple of integrative branding cases about Swatch and New York City (Prof. Miranda was hoping for a nice song rendition of "New York, New York" from the presenters, but no dice).

I remember our first week when I really got frustrated with the amount of BS coming from the class during discussions. But now, people hardly speak up with the same zest and gumption because of the MRR and practically the lack of incentive of getting good CP (by this time, people's reputations have been cemented, there's really no point in impressing people these days). Quite a contrast from our first week.

I'm not sure how this week will wind down, but I do know I'll be neck-deep in my MRR and will be very busy. Not quite the "walk in the park" to the finish line, but I guess the busy life hardly stops in AIM.


carpediem said…
Good for you guys, you only have to bear the BS for 16 months, during our time, we have to endure it for 24 months! The more BS, the higher the grade, that's how it works but unfortunately, grades do not determine one's success after leaving AIM as so explicitly demonstrated by our class. Again, do not get offended, this is nothing personal, this is just my honest/candid opinion as an alumnus, which I am sure most alumni also share
"grades do not determine one's success after leaving AIM" - Amen to that. :P

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