MRR Mode

Yep, I'm now in panic mode as the MRR deadline is fast approaching. I've had a lot of progress in my MRR, but I still have to finish and defend it. To date, there are around 25 people in our MBA class have finished their respective reports and have defended it (some people still had to revise their papers). But they are virtually waiting for their diplomas this December.

Speaking of MRR defenses, last night one group were grilled for more than eight, yes eight, hours to defend their thesis. (Well, any defense with Prof. Richard Cruz and Prof. Titos Ortigas in the panel will be at least four hours.) I believe that group set the new record.

As for me, I'll be spending the next couple of weeks being an MRR hermit. This may mean blogging may be slower than usual. :)


As for the people who are already finished, most of them are taking their time to enjoy their last weeks at the Asian Institute of Management. One of my classmates, Nikhil Bansal, was able to make a nice slideshow about his travels in his free time:


Anonymous said…
even doctoral dissertation defenses don't drag that long. maybe those two profs enjoy torturing poor students. can't they just tell the student what's wrong after, say, 2 hours, and then send him or her away to revise the darn thing? i hope they let him/her take a pee at least. what time did it start and what time did it end? or maybe they wanted to re-teach the entire mba program in case the student missed something.

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