Reaching The Finish Line

If the MBA program at the Asian Institute of Management was a grueling marathon (sometimes I think it really is), I have reached the finish line.

Roughly five hours ago, I finished my second MRR defense presentation for my case about blog marketing at SM Hypermarket. My panel composed of Prof. Ricky Lim and Prof. Jun Borromeo didn't give me much of a hard time because of the experimental nature of my case. On the suggestion of Prof. Borromeo, my case actually ended up as a case about blogging written as a blog, written by a blogger. Sounds confusing? Yeah, at some point at I got confused myself. But I thankfully I was to pull it off.

I learned my lesson from my first defense presentation yesterday. Instead of stressing so much on the presentation itself, I just made sure my case was functional (since it's essentially a web application) and just came up with a basic presentation. I got more sleep and ultimately felt better during the presentation. So that's a tip: get enough rest a day before the MRR defense.

Now that all my academic-related activities in school are done, what's next? I'll just finish the minor revisions and teaching notes for my cases, but essentially, I'm already at the so-called "victory lap" of my stay in the MBA program. I hope the next two weeks will be that short distance to the winner's stage after crossing the finish line-- with the confetti, cheering crowds and all. :)


John Wes said…
Congratulations! Well done!
pet said…
Good job! So now, I ask you, what's next?
Eloisa Osabel said…
We're all cheering for your victory! hurrah! :)
Anonymous said…
hi there! i was wondering whats ur typical day like? are the classes rigid? like everyday? whole day? thanks!
@ John Wes & Eloi:


You can check the blog's archive for a more detailed version of my answer.

But the typical day would be very rigorous for the first half of the program, in terms of the subjects.

The subjects will get easier, but you will have different challenges like the internship (AC) or the thesis (MRR) :)

Good question. The answer deserves a new blog post. :P

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