AIM Student's Christmas Party 2008

The Asian Institute of Management held its Christmas Party for the students yesterday. The event was hosted by the Master in Management 2009 class.

I don't know if the global financial crisis had anything to do with it, but I found the party a little glum compared to the previous events that we had. The Students' Christmas Party last year was more fun, with a more integrated theme. (If you read my post about that party, I realized I failed to get pictures from my classmates). I feel that party was able to convey the "Filipino Christmas" to the non-locals in school.

Another factor why I found the party not as fun is the absence of my classmates. As I noted last week, AIM feels different because most of my classmates are no longer in campus. Last night was no different as only a handful of people from class were there in the party. Parties are really more fun when there were people from the "Core Committee" of my class present.

This event also marks the last party our class is part of officially as students. Three days from now, MBA 2008 (December) will be an alumni class.


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