Clearing Things Up

The penultimate step in your student life is getting your clearance papers signed-off by the different units here at the Asian Institute of Management.

The clearance process is like your final mini-tour of the campus since you have to go the different offices that are spread all over the campus. You'll go to accounting, the dormitory, the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) office, the library, the cashier's office, the MBA program, and the Student Services, Admissions & Registration (SSAR) office. Once you finally get a sign-off from all of them, you are as good as graduated.

I finished mine early this week after I finished my Management Research Report. I saw a few of my friends yesterday who were in the process of getting cleared and, out of boredom, I joined them in their little "quest."

I realized that non-locals have an easier time getting cleared because they can use the excuse that they'll be leaving the country soon. In effect, the staff doing the sign-off becomes a little more "relaxed" and so "nit-picky" during the clearance process. One lady I yesterday (I won't name her here) was with was able to convince, not one, but two sign-offs before the required validation. (Well, she did provide the requirements afterwards.)


Since students have virtually "graduated" after the clearance process, one of my friends who won't be attending the official graduation ceremonies had her "graduation" rites yesterday. Here's to you Nina:


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