A Different AIM

I was in school yesterday and I noticed something... something about the people, the students in particular.

For the last 16 months, I've been used to seeing the same people over and over again-- the people who I went to class with, argued with, partied with and grew with. However, the familiar faces are dwindling day by day.

As you can see, most of us by now are finished with our respective MRR defense presentations. Most of the folks from the Philippines have gone home, opting to leave the dorm to finish their MRR revisions. A good number of my Indian classmates have gone back to India to look for jobs (given the financial crunch, I wouldn't blame them in not wasting any time to get employed). Probably half of the class would be here by December 14, the day when we will be having our graduation rites.

It just occurred to me how the sudden absence of people you know makes a person feel that his/her time is up. If the Asian Institute of Management were a high school, teeny-bopper television show, our group would be the seniors who are off to college with a supposedly bright future ahead of us, and we're leaving it up to our younger brothers/sisters/cousins to continue the tradition of the high school, joke around the cafeteria halls and keep the musical numbers cool.


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