The Graduation Practice

We had our graduation practice a few hours ago, and while it was not the real thing, I felt the great energy from our class, the Asian Institute of Management's first 16-month MBA class, a.k.a. MBA 2008 (December) a.k.a. MBA 16 Cohort 1 (the last one still seems to be up on debate).

We got our "sablay" or ceremonial garb that we will wear on graduation. The design of the sablay bears the school's colors (blue and green) and the school's initials written in the ancient Fililipino script. (Trivia: the University of the Philippines also uses the sablay as its graduation attire, instead of the traditional graduation cap and gown. Here's a post with more information about the sablay.)

The practice was pretty detailed. We went through the whole ceremony (without the speeches of course) and we were given specific instructions on what to do on Sunday. Student Services, Admissions and Registratio  (SSAR) head Rey Reyes was very particular about these things. Prof. Ricky Lim was also there to give our imaginary diplomas. :P

After the actual practice, we, as a class, presented Prof. Mau Bolante, our program director, Ms. Tess Magdaleno, and Ms. Cora Manalo, our program secretaries, tokens of our appreciation for for all their efforts and putting up with us for the last 16 months. It was also announced that my CAN group mate Madhu Ponnuveetil is our class Distinction awardee (Congrats Madhu!) and 100% of our class would be graduating (nobody had problems with their respective MRR's).

Like I said, the energy was very good and positive. It really makes me look forward to Sunday, when we will be officially Young MBA Graduates.


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