It is Finished

By "it," I'm referring to my Management Research Report (MRR).

Yes, it's done, revisions, teaching notes, printed copy, electronic version and all. It has been signed by my MRR advisers as well. Well... not all of my advisers yet-- Prof. Ricky Lim is out of town and will be back tomorrow, but there were instructions that I could already have my clearance papers for the MBA program processed.

Speaking of my clearance papers, I started getting it processed two weeks ago. Like most schools, students must secure clearance from the various units, like the library, dormitory, accounting, etc. in order to graduate and claim the diploma. With the sign-off from the MBA program, I went to the Student Services, Admissions and Registration (SSAR) to obtain my final clearance requirements. And with that, I was done. :D

To be honest, it still has not sunk in my mind that I'm virtually done with my MBA.Maybe it's because I just finished everything a couple of hours ago and the deadline to get everything done is today. :P

Up next: Graduation practice. :)


Trivia: The title of this post was inspired by a phrase from a passage in the Bible, John 19:30.


hboprof said…
Congratulations Regnard. Well done!
diamond said…
congrats regbot! see you on friday's practice.:)

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