MBA Graduation in Pictures

Here's my little Christmas gift to the newly-minted MBA graduates of the Asian Institute of Management:

Last December 14, 2008, we had our nice graduation ceremonies and the photos were from the official photographer's collection. Happy Holidays! :D


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Twinkle said…
Hi Regnard, what a nice video. Everyone was beaming with joy. Could I have a copy of the video? Congratulations to all of us!
Anonymous said…
it's very nice and as usual you've done a good job. but maybe the first scene needs changing. when it's not playing, the still picture looks like estrada's making a grab for maya (or preparing to throw a punch) and (either way) ricky lim's hand is trying to restrain him.
Sarsij said…
hi Regnard.....Congratulation!
and I wish to see you blogging on this page and keep providing us the details about the AIM alumni. I have already filled up the survey you posted few days back.

Hope to see more from you. :)


send me your email add. :)


Hmmm... I don't know how to adjust it. :( Maybe you can direct me how? :)



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