Q & A with Jeppe Holst

I had a quick Q & A session with Jeppe Holst, one of our exchange students from Denmark and a classmate in a handful of subjects.

The AIM Blogger (TAB): Hello Jeppe! Can you tell us something about yourself?

Jeppe Holst (JH): I study my master in Finance and Strategic Mangement at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and as the last semester before dedicating to the thesis, I had the chance of going abroad. I love traveling and thought such an opportunity should be seized. Before leaving Denmark I was working at the financial service and business analysis department supporting the direction of the Danish train company, DSB. When I am not working or studying I love scuba diving, dancing, martial art, and a good movie!

TAB: Great! Why did you choose the Asian Institute of Management for your school exchange program?

JH: Many people asked me why I choose the Philippines for my exchange. More have indicated that choosing this place was based more on pleasure and my love for diving, than the actual benefit of the exchange. However, the reason was very different from that. I knew that I wanted to go to Asia, since my last exchange was in the US. Focusing on Asia when doing research at CBS files of partner universities, the info sheet from AIM was very appealing. Most Asian universities claims to be top-something, but AIM differed even more.

The info sheet suggested that the exchange could consist of three different parts. Firstly, AIM suggested that the student made an effort to do a short internship at a Philippine company. Secondly, AIM would plan an ASEAN tour visiting another country in Asia and do company visits and sightseeing. Thirdly, returning to Manila and finishing with 12 weeks of courses. It was the sum of these opportunities that made me select AIM and I have not regret that. Now ending the semester I do look forward to go diving and enjoy the fact that the Philippines has the most beautiful islands!

TAB: OK, so you've been here in AIM for four months now. Do you have any memorable experiences you want to share?

JH: As for those that did not join the Asian Immersion Tour, I can say that you really did miss out on a great trip. This semester we visited China. Beijing had lots of history to share and Shanghai was very modern. The trip had a good mix of company visits, discussion forum with local AIM alumnies and opportunity for sightseeing. Considering the length of the trip, I think we all got a great insight in China's business culture and hey, I walk the Great Wall of China! ;o)


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