With the inauguration of Barack Obama into the White House, there's one word thats sweeping America and perhaps the globe: Change.

Obama campaigned to the Americans as "The Change We Need," and his message resonated well and strong to the country that was stuck in recession and in need of, well, change. Obama's timing was perfect.

Here at the Asian Institute of Management, change is also forthcoming: AIM President Francis Estrada will be stepping down this coming May. Mr. Estrada has been the president of the institute since May 2006 and his term was also marked by changes, both good and bad. To get a better idea, here's a chronology of news items that covered AIM during Mr. Estrada's term so far:

As you could see, there was a lot of drama unfolding in the last two and a half years from the governance side of things and I could say our MBA program administrators did their darned best to shield our class from all that. 


Anonymous said…
Hi Regnard,

Your blog is very inspirational and gives a lot of insight on AIM. I have heard a lot about the faculty-management face off and your snippet sums it up. Also i have heard that the marketing profs and gurus have left to the rival Ateneo GSB which has really bogged me down, as i want to major in marketing.

1) I am applying for September intake. You can assess what i am going through right now. Is the education as such shielded from all these nuisance? Do you foresee any consequences on part of the students' prospects out of this spat ?

2) My best wishes for you to get a job.. a job you will be most happy with. Any idea how the market scenario will be 2 yrs down the line. Will an AIM graduate find it difficult to find a job?

3) Would you recommend going for exchange programs, if I do join AIM. i am referring to job prospects, because i heard bulk of students who havnt been able to get jobs are those who went on exchange programs.

I know these are very dry questions but for a student looking on immediate ROI, these are vital. Hope you clarify my doubts. You have been of great help, thank you very much !
Anonymous said…
Regnard, do you approve of all things said on this post

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