I Write Bad. But Who Cares?

If you've followed this blog for quite some time (if not, try to randomly select a month from this blog's archives), you will see that I don't write well. Grammatical errors are abound, wrong spellings that will get flagged in Microsoft Word and composition that will make Prof. Gloria Chan, our Management Communication professor, revoke my grade.

But ironically, based on the reader survey so far, people like my blog posts. I've thought about it while I was talking to somebody and I came to the conclusion that people like my posts because they see through my bad writing and see the essence of what I want to say.

I'm not making a case for bad writing, but good blogging-- writing that has heart.


Anonymous said…
"I'm not making a case for bad writing, but good blogging--writing that has heart." -
I totally agree. :)

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