Job Hunting Season

As early as now, folks from our class who are here in Manila are having mini-"reunions" not just to catch up on what people did during the holidays, but also to look for jobs.

"Job" may be a short word, but it's the biggest thing in the minds of folks these days. Of course, people want something that would give the ROI of the MBA education at the Asian Institute of Management. And given the economic crunch the globe is facing right now, a good job may take a little time to find and won't come in a silver platter. (gasp!) Yeah, this doesn't help AIM's reputation on the placement front.

Am I looking for a job? I'm more like looking for a career at this point-- I'm willing to hold out to find something that clicks. Well, not just little click, but more like the sound of a big machine's gears falling in to place. I've heard from professors and a few alumni that the best offers, corporate or not, come in a couple of months later. Someone said it could even take five months (double gasp!)

But in any case, I'm keeping myself busy and excited with a course/elective I'm co-developing for AIM (yeah, I took a consulting gig there as I've mentioned before) and a few little projects to keep me out of the red.


Sarsij said…
I wish you all the luck in hunting your 'career' and not just a 'job'. Hope the wait is shortest ever.

Good Luck!

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