Keeping Busy

People say that life's a journey. If that's the analogy, I'm probably at that point where at the airport waiting for a connecting flight-- with 18 more hours before the plane arrives.

I graduated last December with full knowledge and expectation of the uncertainty in global business today: financial security won't be handed over to me wrapped in shiny paper with a ribbon immediately. I've never been comfortable being idle for extended periods of time and given that the prospects of setting that career (or business) is going to take some time, I knew I'd better keep myself productive.

I've mentioned before that I'm doing a little project for AIM where I'm co-developing elective on Internet Marketing. That project is turning out to be a nice little surprise because of the people I'm working with share my passion for the web and making things better. The folks I'm referring to are Prof. Ricky Lim, Anton Diaz (of Our Awesome Planet fame) and Jayvee Fernandez (of A Bugged Life). Anton has shared his thoughts in his blog, and Jayvee too.

We're cooking up very interesting courses for the next classes of MBA students which could be offered as early as July. At the risk of sounding I'm tooting my own horn, I envy the next classes of MBA students because the subjects are interesting, relevant and outright cool. (Yep, that was my horn sounding)

Yes, life's a journey and I'm waiting for the plane for 18 more hours. Turns out, 18 hours ain't that bad if you're busy. :)


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