Now Comes the Hard Part

Now that the emotional high from the graduation at the Asian Institute of Management has more or less worn off, I guess it's time to take a look at what's ahead.

In the career front, things are still not crystal clear for me. At the time of graduation, an estimated 30% of our class have a job waiting for them as soon as we got our diplomas. I'm part of the 70% that have yet to chart my career path. The default option seems to be get a nice corporate gig that will get the ROI for the MBA studies. As far as as short term returns (and alignment with my personal plans), this seems to be the way to go. For some reason, I've imagined myself having a sign "Have MBA, Will Work" painted on it when I thought about going corporate after school.

There's always the option of pursuing something entrepreneurial, but I'm taking baby steps in this aspect. I'm going with projects that I'm familiar with, mostly internet-based. I just launched a new website called Lotto Suwerte (well, it's not really new since it was in Beta for almost two years or so). It's making some advertising money and I do plan to get better returns from that site as well as other projects I have in mind this year.

I also got hit by the teaching bug, and I talked to a few of my contacts where I can probably teach graduate/college students a subject or two about IT and business. I've taught at the University of the Philippines Information Technology Training Center a few courses on IT, and it's something I enjoy doing. Also, there are some consulting jobs I considering for the very short term.

So what's next? Let's see this January. :)


Some updates on The AIM Blogger Reader Survey:

  • Based on the results so far, readers visit the blog often and look for class experiences and the students
  • The majority also enjoy the blog posts and are disappointed with the lack of "dirt" on AIM rumors.
  • Response have been pretty positive, in terms of the quality of the posts in the blog
  • As far as what the readers what to happen to the blog after the graduation, there are some who want to conclude the blog right now and some who want to continue it as an alumnus blog.
If you haven't answered the brief survey, please do so. I'd very much appreciate it. :)


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