The Pigeonhole

Yesterday, I got an email from saying that the pigeonholes for our class would be cleared to give way for the next class. I'd like to pay a little tribute to that little box where a good portion of my student life revolved around in.

So what is the pigeonhole? In the life of a student at the Asian Institute of Management, the pigeonhole is often the source of many good and bad things.

As each student is allotted one pigeonhole located in the dorm building, it's a multi-functional compartment that students would check at least once a week to get the case packs. It's also a place where the exam results are placed after the professor has marked it (often with results that irks the student). The pigeon hole is where the long Friday evening starts as the dreaded WAC cases are dropped in at 5pm.

Some students also use the pigeonhole as a makeshift locker where items from food, papers and books are placed. (I think I still have a few items stored in my pigeonhole). Whatever the purpose, the pigeonhole is a student's link to the program administration and outside world (think of it as our version of the Owls in Harry Potter).

So, as the they are cleared, I give a little nod to p-hole #67.


Nice blog. I once wish to study at AIM but I can't afford.

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