Substitute Teacher

Yesterday, I substituted for Prof. Richard Cruz in handling the second session of the Online Marketing elective that we're handling with Prof. Titos Ortigas. The class was a lecture and I discussed foundation topics on internet advertising, particularly Google's AdWords service.

I think it went pretty well, considering it was my first time to teach in a class at the Asian Institute of Management (I've taught at the University of the Philippines prior). Good thing the session was more of a lecture than a typical case discussion, because I think one needs a great deal of time honing the skills needed to handle a classic Harvard-style case discussions.

As a student, I want to think I did OK on case discussion on the subjects I liked (anything that doesn't have finance on it), but I think it's totally different where you're on the other end of the room, standing in front of the class. There were times in class where I would just go into cruise control-- I just took it easy and lose focus of the discussion. I now appreciate the amount of effort and attention professors have during classes because they have to keep track of everything going on the class and weigh everyone's points.


Ely Ho said…
Hello, by the way, I want to say that I'm reading your blog to inspire me to study at AIM 7 years from now!!!!

You did well, I think.
Hello Ely!

Thanks for the kind words. :)

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