Case Testing

Yesterday, in the Online Marketing elective class I'm co-teaching with Prof. Richard Cruz and Prof. Titos Ortigas, one of the cases I wrote for my Management Research Report (MRR) was tested.(As you may well know, the Asian Institute of Management utilizes the Case Method it borrows from Harvard and newly-written cases must be tested before they are released)

While I was primarily an observer during the class session, deferring Prof. Ortigas' experience in leading case discussions, I felt a sense of satisfaction as I saw the class discuss the case I labored over during the last months of my MBA stint. I guess this feeling is common to all folks who come up with creative or intellectual works, like the feeling you get when an essay you wrote gets published, or when people hum a song you've written. (In my case it's when the members of the class use the words the words I wrote, or debate over the points I raised).

It feels weird really, somehow ironic, since I've been known to skim through cases, especially in Finance classes! :P


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