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It seems that it's admissions time once again: I've been getting some queries about the Asian Institute of Management in this blog and a certain thread in Pagalguy is active (yeah, I've been posting my own replies to that and a few other threads).

The most common posts are about questions about the school and, of course, placement. Most people there want to balance the information asymmetry by asking all they could ask. There's one commenter who posted a few questions and I decided to answer them here:

Q: I am applying for September intake. You can assess what i am going through right now. Is the education as such shielded from all these nuisance? Do you foresee any consequences on part of the students' prospects out of this spat?

A: Hmmm... you're referring to the labor spat that happened with the faculty and the AIM administration. From my experience, we were pretty much shielded from the labor case. It didn't affect the class and the professors rarely said a word about it. I guess there was a conscious effort to elevate the academics beyond the administrative issues.

Q: My best wishes for you to get a job.. a job you will be most happy with. Any idea how the market scenario will be 2 yrs down the line. Will an AIM graduate find it difficult to find a job?

A: Job market? My guesstimate is that the job market will have gradually picked by then, although there will be lingering corporate and market effects from the job cuts and economic contraction. Will an AIM grad find it difficult to find a job by then? Chances are yes, everyone will still be scrambling for jobs, not just MBA graduates.

Q: Would you recommend going for exchange programs, if I do join AIM. i am referring to job prospects, because i heard bulk of students who havnt been able to get jobs are those who went on exchange programs.

A: I don't have the statistics of the folks who went on exchange who don't have jobs yet, but the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) does have its own benefits, such as expanding your network and getting exposed to new cultures. I recommend playing things by the ear when you join because at this point in time, it's hard to speculate what will happen in your exchange program.

For more questions, feel free to ask. :)


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