Support the Philippine Cut Flower Industry

The global economic downturn has hurt a lot of industries, from the financial services to the automotive sector. But I'm pretty sure that starting tonight, the cut flower industry (or industry of cut flowers for bouquets and flower arrangements) will be on their annual February sales spike since a lot of people will buy flowers for the Valentine's celebrations this weekend.

But do you know that Valentine's Day is such an important event for the Philippine cut flower industry? A big chunk of their earnings come from this day. I remember watching a television feature before that some flower shops get almost half their annual sales revenue during the days leading to Valentine's Day.

I'm not really surprised. Normally, a stem of rose will be sold between PhP 50-100 in stores, but during Valentine's Day, it goes to PhP 180-200!

But nonetheless, I will support the Philippine Cut Flower Industry and I'll make sure when I buy the bouquet for tomorrow, it will be the locally grown flowers. Industries are collapsing left and right-- we don't another one to wilt.


Yeah, i definitely agree with you there, Valentines Day is one of the most in demand day when in terms of buying and ordering some fresh cut flowers. and like you i will support the Philippine Cut flowers Industry. keep posting!


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