Asian Institute of Management Unofficial Stakeholder Forum

A new forum for the AIM community has been launched and it's called the Asian Institute of Management Unofficial Stakeholder Forum.

I assume that it's an initiative by a student (for his/her walkabout perhaps?) and it has been getting some promotion in the AIM student mailing list and even a comment in this blog pointed to this new site.

This is a very good democratization of the voice of the students, since this is gives the students another venue to voice out their angst and frustrations. This is evidenced by the thread that has gotten the most number of posts: the one about the AIM faculty. (Read this thread and it reads like a character assassination dossier). Since the forum is an unmoderated one where anonymous folks can post stuff, you could imagine the "fun" this forum will have in the future when it focuses on controversial topics.

I like this forum because it frees up people to say really truthful (read: bad) things about people and the school. But for my personal policy in blogging here at The AIM Blogger, I've refrained from directly zinging or calling out people, even now that I've graduated, because I've wanted to maintain a certain level of quality, tone, and perspective to this blog. I've done my share of criticizing, but I've reveled in writing parables, stories, and veiled potshots in making my point, albeit indirectly. :P

My tip to the creators of the Asian Institute of Management Unofficial Stakeholder Forum: Be vigilant moderators in calling out the BS from posters and always think about sustainability.


I joined this forum and I was able to talk to the forum administrator via private messaging. He/she pointed out that my assumption was not accurate. Said the forum admin:
This Forum is not a Walkabout project by AIM students.
The AIM Bloggers are a group composed of Alumni & Students who's identities will be kept anonymous in the meantime.


Eloisa Osabel said…
hi regnard,

would u know who initiated this forum? :)
Hi Eloisa!

I don't know who initiated this forum.

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