Google Online Marketing Challenge

The students of the elective I'm co-teaching with Prof. Richard Cruz and Prof. Titos Ortigas are now set to take on the Google Online Marketing Challenge.

The Google Online Marketing Challenge is a global competition for higher education students that will use the Google AdWords platform to launch marketing campaigns. Teams of students will promote a company's website using the Google's advertising platform and the best campaign (based on a set criteria) will win the contest. The winners of the competition and their professor/lecturer will receive a trip to the Googleplex in Mountain View, California. I think this is a very good exposure for MBA students to get practical experience in Internet Marketing.

We've spent the last seven weeks preparing for this competition and the teams will be running an internet campaign for three weeks. I think the three teams are ready to take their proponents' websites to the next level:

Good luck to AIM's Google Online Marketing Challenge Teams!


Alison Perez said…
thanks for this post. it's a good strategy for student to study how monetizing over internet works. but according to this post in, it seems that google adsense is on the verge of depreciating. i hope it is not true.
Hi Alison!

Thanks for the info! :)
pdg said…
Hey Regnard, is Barni taking your class? Tell her I said hello!
John said…
Good Luck! I'm blogging about my experiences with the competition at Michigan State University.
cool now that's the kind of education kids should be getting
Nissan 4x4 said…
wow i thought i would never see the day where kids get educated about how to monetize the internet, way to go Regnard

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