The Online Marketing mini-elective I taught with Professors Richard Cruz and Titos Ortigas had its 10th and last meeting yesterday and I had the pleasure of closing the class.

The class session was brief but we recapped what we learned for the last 10 weeks and had some final tips for the groups will be competing at the Google Online Marketing Challenge. We also had a quick evaluation of the strategies of the different groups for their respective companies/clients. We rounded out the class with feedback on how the class was handled and the course content. Thankfully, the feedback of everyone in the class was generally positive. (Well, I wasn't expecting a vicious feedback a la AIM Bloggers Forum on the Professors, but you get the picture :P)

I handled three sessions of the 10-session mini-elective (regular electives usually have 20 sessions), and I think it was a very good experience. I was there in almost all the 10 sessions to observe and learn as much about handling an MBA class from my more experienced co-teachers and I did learn a lot, especially on the "song and dance" part (or in-class people and time management).

Good luck to the three groups and I hope you learned a lot from this mini-elective. :D


Vj said…
For those who plan to take reg's elective in TERM 4 (batch 2) and TERM 3 (batch 3)...

BE AWARE.. dont go by looks.. this guy means business...

i took thinking this should be intersting... well it was both tough and exhausting... but had lots of fun too....

u otta have fun in a class full of students and ex-student (oopppss... i mean ...)

cheer reg...

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