Why AIM is Not Part of the 2009 Inter-MBA Games

Last year, the Asian Institute of Management participated in the Inter-MBA Games, a sports league composed of the arguably the business schools in the Philippines. I was part of the basketball team that competed in the friendly games and we finished a respectable third in the basketball tournament, and we finished third over-all in the competitions. Thanks to my classmate Mark Chan and then AIM Student Association (AIM SA) Chair Macoy Del Pilar, the Inter-MBA games was one of the accomplishments of the Sports Committee of the AIM SA Sports Committee that I headed.

A few weeks ago, a couple of current MBA students asked me if why there was no Inter-MBA Games this year. I wasn't able to give a straight answer, and I was equally wasn't sure if there were games this year or it may have been delayed. But to my surprise, I was wrong.

I dropped by the Ateneo Graduate School of Business for an alumni meeting (I finished my other master's there) a while ago and I saw posters placed in the corridors that were eliciting support for the AGSB sports teams in the 2009 Inter-MBA Games! I checked the schedules and I learned that the games started last month, one year since the 2008 games.

I immediately called Macoy Del Pilar since I knew he still had ties with the organizers of the Inter-MBA Games and I learned from him that the organizing committee of the 2009 games contacted the Student Services, Admissions & Registration (SSAR) and the AIM SA. However, no representative from AIM gave a formal reply of any sort and thus the league, which AIM was a founding member, moved on.

I had a quick chat with Ms. Mitzie Silvestre of the SSAR about this matter and she told me that the AIM SA decided not join the Inter-MBA Games this year because they wanted to come up with a better project. She said that the games included in the league (Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Bowling, Chess, and Billiards) were games that the current student body were not so much interested in. She also said that instead of joining the Inter-MBA Games, the AIM SA will come up a more diverse set of games (which includes Cricket) to cater to a wider set of AIM stakeholders (students, faculty, alumni, staff, etc.).

So there you have it: The reason AIM is not in the Inter-MBA Games.

Was it the right thing to do? You tell me.


Anonymous said…
Cricket? ha ha ha
Anonymous said…
can the AIM students play only cricket? is the quality of students detoriating?
@ Anonymous 1 & 2:

What's wrong with cricket?
Anonymous said…
That is sad of not joining the 2009 Inter-MBA. Anyway AIM can still join this coming 2010 event.

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