AIM Reverts MBA back to MBM

In 2003, the Asian Institute of Management renamed its flagship program, the Master in Business Management (MBM), to the current Master in Business Administration (MBA). The move was described by many as AIM's way of adapting to the needs of the market and global competition.

Starting today, April 1, 2009, the institute has decided to revert the program's name back to the classic MBM to reflect the key focus of the the program's curriculum. Said one anonymous source with intimate knowledge of the situation: "Our students don't do much administering after they graduate-- they manage!" Said another: "MBM has been AIM's claim to fame, much like Elvis Presley was known for Jail House Rock. Look at the people whose pictures hang in the Alumni Awards corridor. Most of them have the MBM degree. This move should make other business schools reevaluate their programs."

"We alumni welcome this move with open arms," said an alumnus. "I praise the AIM adminstration for making this bold move. It's akin to JFK declaring that man would be landing on the moon in the 1960's. Heck, it's the best thing since the telephone had buttons instead of the rotary dial."

Students are still apprehensive and even skeptical of the move. Said one MBM student: "Yeah, it's more descriptive of what we do because we manage our time, egos, wayward CAN group members, our walkabout projects, the high expectations of the professors, and our angst. But I don't think that will make me better in Financial Management 2."


April Fool's! :P


marsie said…
im a victim of your blog! hahaha. =)

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