The 2009 Class of  the Master in Management (MM) program graduated last April 25, 2009. The commencement exercises were held at the Asian Institute of Management. The guest speaker of the event was Ramon J. Farolan, an MM alum himself. He shared this message to the graduating class:
In a few hours you go back to the working world. There will be no can groups, no case studies. You will be faced with judgements to make, not just about jobs but about the future of our country. We are moving into a crucial stage in the political life of the nation. Lately we have made it to a number of embarrassing situations; the greediest, the most corrupt, the many unsolved killings. Certainly these are issues that call for our attention, our voices, our outrage.

As one of my favorite military heroes, Gen. Colin Powell, the first African-American Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and also the first African-American Secretary of State, put it: “Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off. Leadership is not a popularity contest. Trying to please everyone or trying not to offend anyone puts you on the road to mediocrity. Making people mad is part of being a leader.”

If you see greed, if you see corruption, if you see injustice, you don’t have to be a Colin Powell to get mad, to sound off and to make a difference. Stand up and be counted.
Congratulations to the MM 2009 Class!


I also would like to congratulate Prof. Horacio "Junbo" Borromeo, one of my mentors here at AIM. He's virtually done with his dissertation and will be finishing his doctoral degree soon. :D


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