Handling an AIM EXCELL Course

I've been pretty much stressed in the last two days because my time has been devoted to the AIM EXCELL course I'm co-handling with Prof. Ricky Lim, Prof. Richard Cruz, Anton Diaz and Jayvee Fernandez. AIM EXCELL is AIM's executive education arm.

The course, Winning Internet Marketing Strategies & Tactics, is being offered for the first time to marketing & media executives and even though we have 12 participants, I pretty have my hands full. Aside from being the trainer for a half-day session yesterday, I'm at the course all the time because I do the live blogging (yeah, we have a course blog ) and posting tweets in Twitter. I also helped the participants jump-start their Google AdWords campaigns and answer the occasional beginner questions.

Yeah, it's tiring, but I'm learning a lot, especially in the difference between teaching an AIM EXCELL course and the typical MBA course. The EXCELL course is really a sprint, because we cover so much ground in a week. Relative to that, the MBA courses seem like a grueling marathon because a course will run for 10 weeks (but from the student perspective, he/she is also taking up five more subjects, so it's pretty even). Also, the difference in the class composition (20-something year old MBA students versus 30 to 40-something year old executives & managers) counts a lot.

The course will be done tomorrow, I'll posting some more of my thoughts on this matter. :)


John Wes said…
This is really awesome, Regnard!

Must've been cool attending this course. Wish I had the time/opportunity to attend. Maybe on the next run...

All the best and till then, keep up the great work!

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