Internet Marketing Course at AIM

Winning Internet Marketing Strategies & Tactics

A few hours ago, we had a mini press briefing for the upcoming "Winning Internet Marketing Strategies & Tactics" course at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) slated on April 13-16, 2009.

Prof. Ricardo A. Lim, Associate Dean of the W. SyCip Graduate School of Business, presented AIM's first offering of the Internet Marketing course tailored specifically for managers and business leaders who want to learn more about taking their marketing efforts on the Internet and understand how blogs, social networks, and e-mail marketing fit in their marketing efforts.

AIM is quite excited about this new course because it's aligned with the institute's direction to integrate new media and technologies to its management education curricula. The course mixes AIM's case method with practical exercises, such as creating Pay Per Click campaigns with Google AdWords (course participants will be given Google AdWords vouchers) and evaluating the their company's online reputation & identifying the gaps with their "offline" brand.

Along with Prof. Lim, I’ll be teaching a couple of session of the Internet Marketing course. Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet, Jayvee Fernandez of A Bugged Life, and AIM Professor Richard Cruz complete the roster of trainers. The topics that we will cover include:
  • Marketing & the Internet
  • Generating Traffic: Internet Advertising & Search Engine Marketing
  • Creating the Mindset: Manage Your Company’s Brand and Reputation Online
  • Building Relationships: Turn Website Visitors into Your Customers
  • Web 2.0 & Social Media: The Power & Wisdom of the Crowd
  • Blogging & Blog Marketing: Conversations that can lead to Conversions
  • Evaluating Your Internet Marketing Campaigns with Web Analytics
For more information, visit the course website at


John Wes said…
Hey, this is awesome news! You're now teaching at the AIM? :) Cool! Mighty impressive! Keep it up and all the best!
Hi Wes!

Yeah, I'm teaching a few sessions. But I'm not a regular or adjunct faculty.

Thanks for the support. :)
paul said…
nice news. there so many online courses available right now, but sometimes, a course like this is best done in a "traditional" classroom setting where you can actually ask questions from your mentors, discuss different but related stuff with fellow participants, etc. i guess the next question is whether this is affordable for individuals who are interested to join this course.
Hello Paul!

You hit the nail on the head-- this is one of the the value propositions of the course relative to what's out there.

The Internet marketing course is positioned to cater to corporations and business leaders. If the course is successful, let's see if we can spin something off for a different segment.
Paul said…
I hope this course workout just fine. :-)

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