New MBA Students Coming!

A couple days ago, the MBA students of Cohort 3 (the group that entered the Asian Institute of Management last September) went on their 2-month Action Consultancy (AC) break. The departure of many of the students made the campus quiet (well, not to the point where you can hear the crickets chirping), and add to that the Cohort 2 MBA students are also in their AC break.

With the usual busy-ness of the Zen Garden gone, it made me appreciate how zen-like the garden is. But one thought erased that sense of tranquility: Come May 11, the set of MBA students from Cohort 4 will be starting their MBA journey. (I heard that the new cohort will be almost the same size as Cohort 2, but with more diversity.)

So, a new cohort, and new faces coming to AIM. What tips do you think will be good advice for them?


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