The Convocation (MBA Cohort 4 Edition)

Like I said in my last post, the new cohort of MBA students here at the Asian Institute of Management has arrived and they started today. So first of all, I'd like to welcome the 45 brave souls who will embark in a 16-month journey of fun, frustration, and friendship.
The MBA program held the traditional convocation for the new MBA class where they receive their formal welcome into the institute and get introduced to the men and women whom they will encounter during their stint here. This includes the program director (Prof. Wilfred Manuela is the program director for the new MBA cohort), the core faculty, support staff, and students.
I observed the new cohort to be still adjusting to the new environment. I mean, look how serious they look :P:

In our own convocation roughly two years ago, we had two seniors give us inspirational talks and in last year's convocation, I was one of the two students to give the inspirational talks. For this year, MBA Cohort 3 students Clarence Lim and Pavanjeet Singh shared their experiences meant to inspire the new students after the daunting rules Prof. Manuela introduced.

I'm looking forward to meeting the new MBA cohort and congratulations for getting into one of Asia's best business schools. :D


Ken said…
Loved Clarence's speech/talk that she gave at this May Batch Convocation. Classic, simple, very down to earth and very sincere.

You can hear in her voice that she's still nervous talking to large crowds but batch 3 people were there for moral support... and sometimes that is just what we all need.

Good Luck to the new May train.

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