Nostalgia, Five Months After

Last week, I got several updates from my former MBA classmates in the social networking site Facebook and there was a common theme: The wish to turn back time and go to the times when we were still struggling MBA students here at the Asian Institute of Management.

From what I read, my former classmates, most of which are already employed, have different reasons why they were waxing nostalgic: perhaps work life is not as fun as the MBA days, or maybe people felt more "alive" when they were working on more challenging projects, or simply folks just the desired to escape for a moment.

Five months after the graduation, I still find myself looking back with fondness to the days when we were grappling with financial accounting, getting no sleep because of the WAC's, and being concerned with grades. Five months after, a great deal of the first 16-month MBA program, myself included, occasionally miss those days.

I hope this blog post, along with the sentiments of my former classmates, resonates with the current MBA students (Cohorts 2, 3 and the newly-minted Cohort 4): Learn as much as you can and enjoy while you are here. :D


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