MBA: Six Months After

Six months after we graduated as the very first 16-month MBA class at the Asian Institute of Management, folks who are here in Manila had a small reunion. We did have a reunion of sorts last February in our classmate Michelle's wedding, but this get together was really organized to reconnect with good friends.

Seventeen of us met up in the new Chili's restaurant in Greenbelt 5 and it was a the first time a group that big got together. For most of us, it was the first time seeing each other again since we all got our diplomas.

So how's the very first 16-month cohort so far? Most of us either have have jobs already, involved in the family business, or still in the final stages of securing a job. (At the slow rate the global economy's turning a corner, it's not surprising.) Professional stress has replaced the rigors of reading cases and battling for CP (class participation), but the friendships have not changed at all. Significant others of some of our classmates joined us for the evening.

Personally, I was glad the dinner/reunion pushed through because everyone had good stories to share and reminiscing about the student life was a breath of fresh air for most of us.

Here are some more pics of the get together taken from the cameras of Maya Perez and Karen Sumcio. (Thanks girls!)


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