A New MBA Term Begins!

The elective terms of Cohorts 2 & 3 begins today and this is one of the rare moments that the terms of two MBA classes coincide.

This development brings the total students for this elective term to 157, which is quite high (at least in recent years). Add to that the fact that MBA students have the option to take extra electives and the Action Consultancy (AC), then that means that there will be more students per class. During our time, each class averaged around 20-25 per class. Now it's around 40 per class.

Also, this is the first elective term that the class I'm co-teaching is offered to the MBA's. Winning Internet Marketing Strategies & Tactics has 42 MBA student registrations and I'm looking forward to handling my class sessions. The faculty for the class (Prof. Ricky Lim, Jayvee Fernandez, Anton Diaz, Prof. Richard Cruz, Edwin Soriano, and I) have lots of exciting ideas and plans for the class. :)


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