Passing The Torch

If you have been following this blog, you may have noticed that the blog posts have been coming few and far between since December 2008.

What's the significance of that date? That was the time when the very first class of 16-month MBA's from the Asian Institute of Management, our class, graduated and earned its stripes.

The AIM Blogger has always been about the MBA student's life at AIM-- I said before that as long as there are MBA students who are struggling and learning, The AIM Blogger will have a reason to exist.

After my graduation, the theme of this blog has been my learnings from the transition from a student to becoming a part-time member of the faculty (I've been tabbed to create and handle the Internet Marketing classes with other faculty in AIM.) That experience has been enriching, but not as colorful as my MBA student days where it was really like a sitcom, a telenovela, and a sci-fi movie rolled into one. (Or as one AIM student once said, it's really like going into a Shaolin temple or a boot camp. :P)

That is why I'm pleased to share that there's a new MBA student who will continue the tradition of giving the blogosphere the student's perspective on life at AIM. She will be posting her first blog post soon so keep posted on this blog. (I gotta keep the suspense, right? :P)

As for me, I'll still be blogging every once in a while about my classes and experiences in AIM but I'll be more of like Obi Wan Kenobi to the new AIM Blogger's Luke Skywalker.


webwonker said…
Hi Regnard--good luck to you and your new "Padawan"
Eloisa Osabel said…
wow! who will take on the legacy of the aimblogger? :) so excited to know! more power! and keeping on spreading the good work around!
Anonymous said…
can I be Han Solo or the Darth Vader?
err... I think LT is the best Darth Vader...
best regards...

Anonymous said…
Hi Regnard! :)
Is it true that AIM might be taking out the May intake starting next year?
Thanks and more power to your blog!
@Anonymous 2:

Indicators point toward the likelihood of a revamped intake calendar. :)

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