How Socially Responsible Should Managers Be? (Part 2)

In the last post, I talked about my observation that MBA folks are getting a lot of flak because of the apparent lack of sense of social responsibility.

This is one observation one of my mentors at the Asian Institute of Management helped me see.

Prof. Jun "Junbo" Borromeo has been teaching at AIM for decades now and he has seen the widening gap of leadership in the business & management world. In one of our chats, he said that it's about time AIM further leveraged on its unique position as an institute that has strong programs on management and leadership and tying it together with development & social goals.

To him, there are two perspectives that AIM has full mastery of and should try to integrate more:

  • Social consciousness, which will lead the student to discern, recognize and respect his or her various stakeholders; and
  • Value creation for all those stakeholders, which he or she can deliver with the right competences.
Think about it: AIM has MBA, MM (Master in Management) and MDM (Master in Development Management) programs in one roof, and the integration is still very loose.

But Junbo has a plan.

(To be continued...)


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