Love Stories

The Asian Institute of Management is place where a lot of good things start-- business ventures, careers, and friendships.

But as two of my former classmates have proven, AIM is also a place where love stories are written.

Pradyumna "Praddy" Krishnakumar and Divya Jagadesh have made public their engagement. The news first broken by Gaurav Sharma, another former classmate:
Well a gud news from our batch mates, two of our batchmates have decided to be soulmate for rest their life.
this news was just shared to me by Praddy that "he" and "Divya" are getting married sometime in next year. he was bit scared and shy in sharing this news to the group so he asked me to do so.
so plz join me to pass good wishes to them. I have open the case and now the forum is open for discussion and respective CP.
To be honest, I was a little surprised when I heard the news because during our MBA stint, I never got to see the both of them together that often. (The other folks perhaps). But like most love stories, this one probably bloomed and continues to bloom in their own terms. :)

So to Praddy and Divya, congratulations and all the best! :D


Prof. Larry Tan shared in the past that 7 couples in their MBA class ended up getting married. So who knew the MBA was one place to find "The One"? :P


faye christine said…
This is great news...I am reading this at the office. What a great news to start the weekend.

Thanks Regnard.

Praddy and Divya "Ms. Hotness", a heartfelt Congratulations to both of you. :)
Pia Sanedrin said…
Congrats and best wishes to you both Praddy and Divya! =)

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