The Winning Internet Marketing Strategies & Tactics class I'm co-teaching had its Internet Marketing plan presentations last Monday.

While MBA students at the Asian Institute of Management are used to presenting (I'm pretty sure that the average MBA will present at least 20 times in the course of the 16-month program), it was the first set of presentations where I'm on the other side of the fence, so to speak.

There were 13 groups that made plans for 13 companies, but since the class was over subscribed (we initially envisioned 8 groups), 5 groups were not able to present. Too bad.

As for the plans, over-all they look promising, but most of them disregard the fact that they only have one month to run their respective campaigns. The objective of the project is to have the students try out practical campaigns on real companies, but also keeping in mind the results.

Another limitation is the budget. All groups were given at least PhP1,000 worth of online advertising money, but there were some plans that needed extra cash to make it work (e.g. modifying the website, coming up with programs). I'm afraid some groups will be coming out frustrated because of the budget constraints.

On a different note, I was pleased that all 8 groups were able to present in 90 minutes. (yeah, we went over by 10 minutes).


This day marks the second year anniversary of AIM's very first 16-month MBA program. Our class has long graduated and each of us are pursuing his/her own careers, but the bond remains. :)


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