Thankful to be Alive

It makes me feel grateful, to be writing this, after the worst storm hit the metro. Last Saturday was depressing. If anyone stayed online for extended periods of time, the neverending calls for help or the announcements of villages and household getting completely submerged by the floods will eventually take its toll on someone. Add to that the knowledge that some former colleagues are spending their weekend stuck on rooftops, seeking shelter in schools and desperately waiting for supplies of food and fresh water that might not come.

I believe the internet is already swamped with stories and pictures and videos of this incident. But more important than posting and talking about that is actually doing something about it.

I guess the first problem that all of us face, is the sense that we are not important enough or that we can't do anything. But if we really think and ask that question from ourselves, we know we can always do something, no matter how small.

This is one of the moments in my life that I can say that I am proud of my race's spirit of overcoming adversity. Drives and rescue efforts are being made as we speak, and despite the many casualties and lost property, efforts are being made to address the needs of people who really need all and any help that they can get.

I'm thankful that I wasn't part of those whose home were washed away. The nearby road in our neighborhood had asphalt cracked and debris scattered all over.

I'm reminded of this interview in the news earlier:(translated into english and paraphrased with what I can still remember)

"Everything's gone, swept away by the flood. Our house and all our livelihood are gone. But I am still thankful that we are here. What's important is that we're thankful for God because we are still here and we are still alive."

Stay safe.

Do coordinate with the nearest help center. We can all do something for our fellow men and women.



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