WIMST MBA Elective Done!

Last Friday, the very first offering of the Winning Internet Marketing Strategies & Tactics (WIMST) elective for the MBA students was concluded. As you can see from the photo above (courtesy of Anton), the class is much, much bigger than the Online Marketing elective that was offered last summer.

The last class we had for WIMST was the presentation of the results of the internet marketing campaigns the thirteen (yes, thirteen!) groups in the class ran for the last month or so. Based on what the MBA students from Cohorts 2 & 3 presented, they definitely learned and got a better appreciation of using the various internet channels for marketing. And I'm sure my co-faculty (Anton Diaz & Jayvee Fernandez) shared my feelings of pride on what the students accomplished.

I'll blog about my personal learnings from handling this class in the next few posts. But I extend my congratulations to the WIMST students for a job well done! :D


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